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UFC Reportedly Developing Magazine-Style Show For Fox Broadcast

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Despite the fuzzy afterglow that enveloped the MMA community following Thursday's announcement of a UFC/Fox partnership, the truth is that this is really only the beginning.

Barely hours removed from the press conference, UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta demonstrated as such, offhandedly revealing one of the company's newest projects in the works -- the creation of a magazine-style network MMA show. According to reports from, Fertitta explained that such a show was already in the preliminary stages of development, and that it would eclipse others like it -- namely ESPN's ‘MMA Live' and HDNet's ‘InsideMMA' -- in the sheer scope of it's coverage.

"Not only weekly, but, potentially, multiple times per week you'll have a UFC magazine (show)," Fertitta said. "The amount of programming this media company is committing to is unprecedented."

According to Fertitta, the show would feature several live episodes a week, instead of the usual one-per-week model. Such a move would be likely bridge the gap to public legitimacy and serve as a gateway tool for fans unfamiliar with the sport, in a manner similar to well-known entities like ESPN's ‘NFL Live' or ‘Baseball Tonight.'

As of this point nothing is finalized, but the company is reportedly in the process of deciding upon a brand name and specific on-air talent.