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VIDEO: UFC And Fox Press Conference Highlights

<a href="" mce_href="" target="_new" title="">UFC and FOX join forces</a>

Did you miss today's UFC-Fox presser? You're in luck. We recorded the audio, although admittedly some spots don't exactly exist in the best audio space ever. Still, you'll get out of it the essential details.

Aside from the mega fights on Fox, the upgrade for The Ultimate Fighter stands out as a key item of the partnership. Given all the changes, Leland Roling asks a pertinent question:

Let's also not forget the secondary benefits of the live shows. The UFC will effectively smother entire blocks of the year with Friday night live events, creating a climate for their competition that is damn near impossible to fight. The events are essentially a Bellator card with better production and a UFC brand, which will draw in even the most casual viewer. If the UFC can fill The Ultimate Fighter seasons with legitimate, hyped prospects, what show are you more than likely going to watch?

UPDATE: I added video highlights at the top of the post.