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Chael Sonnen, Brazil Kiss And Make Up

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UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen did an interview with a reporter for the Brazilian media outlet UFC Sem Limites who kindly overlooked all of Sonnen's anti-Brazilian smack talk and presented the fighter with a Brazilian flag.

Props UFC Sem Limites

Sonnen gets unusually gracious in the face of the gesture and begins talking about the various Brazlian coaches he's had and promising to treat the flag with respect.  Sonnen also trashes Brazilian fighters Wanderlei and Anderson Silva for spending big money on cars and homes in the U.S. and, according to Sonnen, ignoring their Brazilian homeland. 

All the kumbayah doesn't stop the site from ending the video with a clip of Sonnen tapping out to Anderson Silva while Michael Jackson sings "A Better World". It's pretty funny stuff, too bad Sonnen isn't re-matching Silva in Rio on August 27 at UFC 134. Instead his protege Yushin Okami will attempt to replicate Sonnen's approach against Silva which came as close as anyone has to unseating the formidable Silva. 

Sonnen will return to the Octagon against U.S. war hero Brian Stann at UFC 136 after serving a year's suspension for failing a post-fight drug test after UFC 117.