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Report: Fox Executive Confirms Multi-Year Deal With UFC

Despite Dana White's insistence that the UFC's landmark deal with Fox has yet to be completed, latest reports indicate that an agreement has already been reached. confirmed the announcement with a representative from Fox who wished to remain anonymous.

The deal instantly serves as a game-changer in the world of mixed martial arts. According to initial reports from the Sports Business Journal, the partnership could be worth upwards of $90 million per year and cover an estimated seven-to-eight years. Final terms of the agreement have not yet been released.

The announcement marks the first time in UFC history that the company has broken through with consistent airtime on a broadcast network. The promotion will reportedly schedule up to four mega-events per year to be televised nationally on FOX, as well as shift all UFC content -- such as "The Ultimate Fighter" -- from Spike TV and Versus to FOX-owned networks FX and Fuel.