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Notes From UFC 136 Pre-Event Press Conference

UFC President Dana White and light- and featherweight champions Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo and the #1 contenders they will face at UFC 136, Gray Maynard and Kenny Florian made themselves available to the press today to talk about their UFC 136 bouts. 

Tad Brown, the CEO of Houston's Toyota Center where the event will be held, hosted the press conference and introduced White. White opened the press conference immediately to questions.

Highlights from the press conference:

Frankie Edgar: "Of course I want a finish. That's what I'm working for."

Gray Maynard: "It's up to him if it goes 5 rounds or it ends early. It's up to him if he wants a whole fight or not. I'm going away with that belt."

Jose Aldo: "Anderson Silva is Anderson Silva. Jose Aldo is Jose Aldo."

Kenny Florian: "I always focus on the fight ahead of me. That first fight with a top guy in Diego Nunes, you beat a top guy and things happen."

Dana White:

  • (On why not book Chael Sonnen against a Brazilian): Chael talks so much trash that it would be impossible to book him against everyone he's trash talked. I'm interested to see what he says about Brian Stann.
  • (On Melvin Guillard in title contention): We're trying to figure out who's next in the stacked 155lb division. I like Melvin. I always thought he was the biggest waste of talent. He's turned that around now and it'll be interesting to see what happens if he beats Joe Lauzon."
  • (What's next for the UFC): It's amazing how fast things are happening for the UFC in Brazil. We could have booked a soccer stadium. I'm kicking myself in the ass over that. Our focus right now is Brazil but we're talking about Japan, South Korea, China, India..."
  • (On Fox story): When you're in negotiations, rumors start flying. I do think it's time. We do fit in with the major sports. What it'll take to make that happen is a broadcast deal. If the deal doesn't make sense, you're out of business in no time. We're in this thing for the long haul and we're waiting for the right deal that will build the sport."