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Nate Marquardt On B.J. Penn, Dan Hardy, Ben Askren

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Former UFC middleweight Nate Marquardt recently got fired from the promotion for bungling his testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and failing a drug test given by the New Jersey State Athletic Commission. He has since signed with Britain's BAMMA promotion.

His troubles drew scathing comments from a number of fighters, notably B.J. Penn, Bellator champ Ben Askren and Dan Hardy. He got a chance to fire back and wasn't shy.

Marquardt to Jonathan Shrager on B.J. Penn:

"Cry Baby J" is an idiot to speak the way he does. I don't know how a pothead is going to go and be so judgemental over medication prescribed by a doctor.

I'll assume CryBJ has glaucoma and gets his weed from a "doctor" and I won't pass judgement on him for that.

Dan Hardy:

At least he didn't say "a job as a punching bag" or "a mattress" as I'm sure one may say of him if he were to lose his contract after his recent losses.

Ben Askren

Oh, you mean that little goldilocks I saw on twitter? Yeah I didn't even know who he was until he messaged me. Listen. All these guys are trying to build themselves up by talking badly about me and that will probably never change.