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UFC On Versus 5: Video Highlights Of Dan Hardy Vs. Chris Lytle

Chris Lytle went out just the way he wanted to. The 36-year-old veteran renowned for his electrifying style and penchant for post-fight bonuses retired in a blaze of glory Sunday night, defeating Dan Hardy via guillotine in the main event of UFC on Versus 5.

In front of a sold out theater at Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Bradley Arena, Lytle and Hardy stood toe-to-toe for almost three rounds, trading wild exchanges to the delirious roars of the crowd. Highlights of UFC on Versus 5's ‘Fight of the Night' are below, via ESPN.

ROUND 1 - Lytle comes out right away looking for a big right hand. Hardy keeps his distance and misses with a wild combination. Lytle catches a leg kick and trips Hardy to the mat. Hardy stands back up as the crowd loudly chants "USA! USA!" Lytle follows a jab with a furious combination that just misses Hardy. "Outlaw" lands a stiff right hand and pushes Lytle back. Lytle recovers quickly and rushes back in with another flurry, but eats a one-two combination from Hardy. Lytle gets hit with another Hardy jab but continues to press forward. Crowd is completely on Lytle's side at this point, chanting "Let's go Lytle." Lytle clips Hardy three consecutive times with a right hook, and pushes forward with another combination. Ten seconds left in round one and Hardy stalks forward. Hardy lands a jab as the opening segment comes to an end. Great round.

MMA Nation scores the round 10-9 Lytle.

ROUND 2 - Round two opens the same as the opening segment, as the two men square up and tee off on each other. Hardy pushes forward with a left hand, but Lytle answers back with a combination of his own. Hardy lands a big right hand that staggers the veteran. Lytle accidentally pokes Hardy in the eye and the action is stopped. Once the fight resumes both men rush out swinging wildly. Hardy lands a hard shot that is immediately answered by a shot from Lytle. Another flurry is traded and Hardy comes out on top with a hard knee to the body. Both men are swinging for the fences with reckless abandon. Lytle presses forward with a right hand to the body. Hardy misses wildly with a right hand and Lytle answers with a stiff shot to the head. Thirty seconds left in round two. Lytle rushes in a lands a brutal uppercut to the body. Hardy continues to press forward, prying with his jab as the round comes to a close.

MMA Nation scores the round 10-9 Hardy.

ROUND 3 - Both men touch gloves to start the final period. Lytle rushes in with a flurry but misses. Hardy backs away and pries with his jab. Lytle presses forward and misses with a big right hand. Lytle ducks under a left hook but eats a leg kick. The two trade wild exchanges in the center of the Octagon. Hardy looks to land a big left hook but Lytle backs away. Lytle responds with a combination of his own and the crowd voices their approval. "Lights out" lands a kick to the midsection of Hardy, but eats a stiff jab as a result. Hardy pushes forward and Lytle swings away furiously. Hardy rushes in for the takedown but Lytle sweeps to the Brit's back. Lytle has his hooks in and is looking to finish with a guillotine. With 50 seconds left in the fight, Hardy is in deep trouble. Lytle squeezes tight and coaxes a reluctant tap from "Outlaw".

UFC On Versus 5 Results: Chris Lytle defeats Dan Hardy via guillotine at 4:16 of round 3.