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UFC On Versus 5: Video Highlights Of Ben Henderson Vs. Jim Miller

Dan Hardy vs. Chris Lytle may have officially been the headlining bout of UFC on Versus 5, but anyone who saw the event knows that Ben Henderson and Jim Miller were the real show. The pair put on a thrilling exhibition of mixed martial arts virtuosity that delighted the crowd within Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Bradley Center.

By the end of the contest, Henderson left the cage victorious after battering Miller for 15 minutes -- snatching Miller's number one contender spot in the process. Video highlights of one of the year's best fights are provided below, via ESPN.

ROUND 1 - The two quickly run out to the center of the cage, southpaw against southpaw. Both men are trading strikes, trying to find a range. Miller rushes into the clinch and Henderson presses the action against the fence. Miller backs out of it and Miller grasps for an arm triangle. Miller jumps onto Henderson's back and is swept to the mat. Henderson staying busy in Miller's guard. Miller scrambles out and the fight takes back to the feet. Miller closes the distance and looks for a kimura. Miller trips Henderson to the ground, still trying to secure the submission. Henderson escapes and rains a few shots down on Miller from the top. Miller reaches for a guillotine but it's defended by Henderson. "Smooth" rains down punches from top position as the round nears an end. Miller scrambles away and the bell sounds.

MMA Nation scores the round 10-9 Henderson.

ROUND 2 - Miller initiates the action by pushing forward with his jab. Henderson is keeping distance, landing a few leg kicks. The two exchange combinations and Henderson lands a standing elbow. Miller rushes into the clinch but Henderson trips him to ground, landing in his guard. Miller tries to push Henderson off, but to no avail. Miller reaches for a leg lock and Henderson takes his back. "Smooth" lands a brutal elbow from the top that cuts Miller's on his head. Miller still pushing for a leg lock and it's in deep. Henderson waits it out and scrambles to his feet. Blood is dripping from Miller's forehead. The two grapple to the mat with Henderson getting the better of the exchange. Miller stands up but is slammed back to the floor. Again Miller stands only to be slammed back down. Miller clinging to Henderson's left arm but is getting controlled from the top. Ten seconds left and Henderson swarms on Miller. The bells ends with "Smooth" in the dominant position. Great round.

MMA Nation scores the round 10-9 Henderson.

ROUND 3 - The two fighters touch gloves to start the final period. Henderson throws a stiff body kick that pushes Miller back. Henderson lands another leg kick to the right side of Miller. Henderson kicks out Miller's leg as he runs forward. Henderson eats a big shot but recovers quickly and takes Miller down. "Smooth" postures up and rains blows to the head of Miller. Miller gives up his back and looks exauasted. Miller stands up with Henderson clinging to his back. Miller falls back to the mat and Henderson is looking to secure a rear-naked choke. Miller rolls and Henderson postures up with heavy ground and pound. Miller scrambles but Henderson is dominating. "Smooth" batters Miller with elbows from inside the guard as the two rest against the cage. Miller explodes out but Henderson sinks in a guilltone. Miller is trying to defend but it's tight. Miller escapes but Henderson lands a hard knee to the body. The pair stand up with ten seconds left in the fight. Both fighters circle to the other side of the cage and exchange one last flurry before the final bell sounds.

MMA Nation scores the round 10-9 Henderson.

UFC on Versus 5 results: Ben Henderson defeats Jim Miller via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-26).