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UFC Results: Duane Ludwig Punishes Amir Sadollah To Earn Unanimous Decision

The first fight of the night on the television broadcast of UFC on Versus 5 was Amir Sadollah vs. Duane Ludwig. This is a welterweight fight, meaning 170 pounds. The referee in charge of the action is Rob Hinds.

Sadollah was lit up early with the major difference being the demonstrably better hand technique of Ludwig. Able to find openings, mix up location, connect with appropriate range (thereby negating Sadollah's strength: kicking) and land with with the right straight and left hook. Not surprisingly but importantly, Ludwig was also able to shut down the offensive wrestling takedowns of Sadollah. Not just in the first round, but all three. Not just in the center of the cage, but in the center of the mat.

As for Sadollah's wrestling, he seems unable to change angles on a shot. He commits to the approach, stays linear and allows Ludwig to defend the attack in one direction.

It's also noteworthy that with comparable levels of athleticism, Ludwig seemed to always be in better pocket and angular position.

Ludwig elected twice to try to steal the round with takedowns only succeeding in the third.

UFC on Versus 5 results: Duane Ludwig defeats Amir Sadollah by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)