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UFC On Versus 5 Results: Dan Hardy Vs. Chris Lytle Round Two

One round is in the books of the headlining bout of UFC on Versus 5 -- a welterweight tilt between Dan Hardy vs. Chris Lytle. The opening round was furious back and forth affair. Referee Herb Dean is in charge of the action.

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ROUND 2 - Round two opens the same as the opening segment, as the two men square up and tee off on each other. Hardy pushes forward with a left hand, but Lytle answers back with a combination of his own. Hardy lands a big right hand that staggers the veteran. Lytle accidentally pokes Hardy in the eye and the action is stopped. Once the fight resumes both men rush out swinging wildly. Hardy lands a hard shot that is immediately answered by a shot from Lytle. Another flurry is traded and Hardy comes out on top with a hard knee to the body. Both men are swinging for the fences with reckless abandon. Lytle presses forward with a right hand to the body. Hardy misses wildly with a right hand and Lytle answers with a stiff shot to the head. Thirty seconds left in round two. Lytle rushes in a lands a brutal uppercut to the body. Hardy continues to press forward, prying with his jab as the round comes to a close.

MMA Nation scores the round 10-9 Hardy.