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Ed Herman Destroys Kyle Noke's Knee In One Round At UFC Live 5

The sixth fight of the night was Ed Herman vs. Kyle Noke. This was a middleweight fight, meaning 185 pounds. The referee in charge of the action was Mario Yamasaki.

I'll admit. I thought heading into this fight Noke would be the better submission grappler while Ed Herman would be the better wrestler. Not so. The wrestling was probably something close to even, but Herman looked arguably the best he ever has in terms of putting together a chain of submission attacks. Not just from guard, e.g. switching from arm bar to triangle, although he did not that, too. But it was a deep variety of attacks, ultimately catching him with an inverted heel hook, which is widely regarded as the most painful and damaging submissions in all of mixed martial arts. Herman noted his goal was to keep his hips moving, which he most certainly did.

What I also liked about Herman's performance was his ability to keep the submission attempts going to negate the effects of losing position from failed sub attempts. A lot of fighters fail to lock in a submission from the bottom and either keep the attacks stale or repetitive. By varying the attacks and changing limbs, Herman forced Noke into defensive maneuvering whose pace and tactics are simply hard to keep up with. Excellent stuff from 'Short Fuse'.

UFC on Versus 5 results: Ed Herman defeats Kyle Noke via submission (heel hook) at 4:15 of round 1.