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Cole Miller Submits T.J. O'Brien In The Second At UFC Live 5

Third fight of the night was Cole Miller vs. T.J. O'Brien. This was a lightweight fight, meaning 155 pounds. The referee in charge of the action was Josh Rosenthal.

For two noted grapplers, there was none to be had in the first round. Early, it was O'Brien's game and for no other reason that pure aggression. Who strikes best is often who strikes first. Problematically, however, O'Brien kept circling to his left against Miller, a right-handed fighter. O'Brien got nailed circling to his left as Miller cut off the cage and threw a perfect right hook. O'Brien was hit again, although for the second time not nearly as hard. It's also worth noting O'Brien's game is not as technical as Miller's, especially in the diversity of strikes.

The second round was vintage Cole Miller. A left hand early drops O'Brien and Miller finished quickly. O'Brien reached a takedown, but Miller used it to secure a guillotine while locking up full guard, rolling over and finishing from mount with one arm. O'Brien was left with no alternative but to tap.

There isn't much to offer in the way of analysis except Miller proves that while his success has been hard to come by against the upper echelon of the division, he does possess the skills to earn his keep in the division and organization. If nothing else, he provides an excellent litmus test for new entrants to the UFC. It's also worth noting when Miller wins, it's rarely by decision. He's crowd pleasing and sufficiently aggressive for the live audience.

UFC on Versus 5 results: Cole Miller defeats T.J. O'Brien via guillotine choke at 2:38 of round 2.