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Edwin Figueroa Dismantles Jason Reinhardt At UFC Live 5

The first fight of the night at UFC on Versus 5 was Edwin Figueroa vs. Jason Reinhardt. This was a bantamweight fight, meaning 135lbs. The referee was Rob Hines.

In the first round, Figueroa took the center early, but there was stalled action early including several warnings from the referee to engage. A right hand at roughly the 3:30 mark of the first dropped Reinhardt. Reinhardt tried to recover and nearly succumbed to a guillotine before escaping and taking Figueroa's back. Figueroa was able to reverse, stand up and out of Reinhardt's guard. Figueroa was able to do damage on top and standing out of Reinhardt's guard. Reinhardt crawled back to his feet as the bell expired.

By the time the second round began, Reinhardt appeared to be exhausted. Figueroa ended up taking mount from a failed outside trip. From there it was a wrap. Reinhardt turned his back and offered no defense, leaving the referee no choice but to step in.

Commentator Joe Rogan believes Figueroa is a top prospect and he might be, but that's an impossible statement to make from a victory over Reinhardt. As Sherdog's Jordan Breen pointed out, the only fighters who've fought Reinhardt and also have Wikipedia entries are the ones who beat him. Reinhardt is 41 and age aside, has no business as a fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Figueroa looks competent and I'm intrigued to see more, but this isn't the sort of test that tells us very much other than Reinhardt's exit should be immediate.

UFC on Versus 5 results: Edwin Figueroa defeats Jason Reinhardt via TKO at :50 of Round 2