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UFC On Versus 5 Results: Edwin Figueroa Stops Jason Reinhardt With Impressive Performance

The first fight of the night for UFC on Versus 5 is a bantamweight bout, Edwin Figueroa vs. Jason Reinhardt, streamed on Facebook. Both fighters enter the cage after losing their previous fight in the UFC. The referee is charge of the action is Rob Hinds

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ROUND 1 - Both men square up in the center of the cage. Figueroa stalking Reinhardt around the perimeter, feeling each other out. The crowd is already growing restless. Reinhardt claps his gloves to try to incite Figueroa. Figueroa misses a head kick. Figueroa throws a left hand that drops Reinhardt to mat. Reinhardt stands back up, but he's caught deep in a standing guillotine. Reinhardt escapes and sweeps Figueroa. Reinhardt takes Figueroa's back and tries to get his hooks in. Figueroa fights it off, reverses and stands back up. Reinhardt misses a sloppy takedown attempt. Figueroa just misses a head kick. Figueroa takes Reinhardt down, landing into his guard. Figueroa postures up and starts teeing off on Reinhardt. More big shots coming from the ground and pound. Ten seconds left. Reinhardt makes it to the bell.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Figueroa.

ROUND 2 - Reinhardt flashing crazy eyes across the Octagon as the round begins. Both men come out but Reinhardt seems tentative. Figueroa easily stuffs a takedown attempt. Figueroa stuffs another one and sweeps Reinhardt into full mount. Figueroa rains down blow from the top. Reinhardt gives up his back. He isn't defending himself. A few more big shots and the fight is stopped.

UFC on Versus 5 results: Edwin Figueroa defeats Jason Reinhardt via TKO at :50 of Round 2