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VIDEO: Kimbo Slice Knocks Out James Wade In Pro Boxing Debut

Kimbo Slice fought James Wade last night and knocked him out in 10 seconds. Wade is less a boxer and more an anthropomorphized version of this. The win by Slice means absolutely nothing, although don't tell Jared Shaw that.

I suspect there will be hoopla from idiots across the MMA, boxing and pro wrestling fan base. In fact, there are enough anthropomorphized tomato cans in human form to give Slice a run of knockouts not seen since his early YouTube summer streak through the back and boat yards of horrendous locales in Florida. If you want to see Kimbo Slice continue to win, you're probably in luck. If you want to see boxing of the sort that's remotely interesting or high level, then you watched Abner Mares defeat Joseph Agbeko last night.

Slice fought on a co-promoted boxing card between Gary Shaw and Tony Holden. The event took place in Bull Run Casino in Miami, Oklahoma. Slice could see 'action' again on the next Shaw-promoted card on October 15th.