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UFC On Versus 5: What's At Stake In Milwaukee This Weekend?

Two important fights take place this Sunday night. And the four men involved in them need wins for very different reasons. Unemployment, retirement and possible title shots are all on the line. Join us as we take an in-depth look at the UFC on Versus 5 main event and co-featured fight of the night, breaking down all the fight factors heading into this weekend.

Sandwiched between the most ravaged pay-per-view (PPV) fight card of the year, UFC 133, and perhaps the biggest, UFC 134, is UFC on Versus 5.

It features a potentially exciting, albeit odd, main even between hard-hitting welterweights Dan Hardy and Chris Lytle. Exciting because both fighters have historically turned in action-packed, back-and-forth performances, and odd because they are both coming off losses.

In fact, Hardy is a loser of three straight. The last man to headline an event despite a similar string of misfortune was Ken Shamrock back in 2006. And we all know how that turned out.

Let's also remember that Lytle mulled retirement after his most recent loss to Brian Ebersole earlier this year, as well as announced his intentions to possibly make a run at the Indiana State House in 2012.

Meanwhile, in the co-featured fight of the night, a critical lightweight bout between perhaps the division's next number one contender, Jim Miller, who has won 15 of his last 16 fights, and former WEC champion Ben Henderson, who has won 11 of his last 12 fights, has somehow been bumped off the top of the marquee.

Make no mistake, regardless of their order and the decision from the promotion to highlight one over the other, these promise to be two very entertaining fights, which both have their own implications at stake.

We'll take a deeper dive into each of these two fights, which are scheduled to go down at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisc., this Sunday night (Aug. 14, 2011) live on the Versus network, beginning at 9 p.m. ET. It's a preview of sorts that is designed to give you a better understanding of the fight, the fighters and their possible futures win, lose or draw this weekend. 

So what's at stake this weekend at UFC on Versus 5? Follow the updates to this story stream throughout today and tomorrow to find out.