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VIDEO: UFC On Versus 6 Preview And Breakdown

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As yesterday's open workouts for UFC on Versus 6, I was joined by USA Today's Sergio Non. In this short video (with admittedly less than optimal audio) we give a basic preview of the main event between champion Dominick Cruz and challenger Demetrious Johnson. Non acknowledges Cruz's strengths, but doesn't believe the champion realistically stands a chance of losing his belt. For the record, I concur.

We also talk about what sort of live gate numbers the UFC can reasonably expect to do. The price points for tickets for UFC shows on Versus are lower than those for UFC pay-per-views. With the addition of a title fight, that could help boost attendance, but it's much more likely the UFC will find success or failure on whether or not the UFC novelty of coming to DC proper for the first time intrigues the local audience. This is also, as we note in the video, the first mixed martial arts event ever held in the Verizon Center. It's hard to tell if that means the UFC faces more of an uphill climb or if there's an opportunity to cash in on curiosity.