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UFC Live's Hardy Vs. Lytle: Is This It For Dan Hardy?

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The big questions going into UFC Live: Hardy vs. Lytle (UFC on Versus 5). Will Dan Hardy drop a fourth straight bout in the UFC?

Dan Hardy UFC 120
Dan Hardy UFC 120

Coming off the sweet, trashy summer buzz that was UFC 133, the next solid hit of UFC punch is UFC Live: Hardy vs Lytle (also known as UFC on Versus 5). That awkwardly named card is coming up this Sunday, August 14 on the Versus channel. 

Dan Hardy is the trash talking Brit who was handed an easy series of wins on his way to an uneventful title shot loss against Georges St. Pierre. Since then he's had the kind of schedule Joe Silva gives to the typical UFC fighter and he's now lost three straight. 

Hardy, a kickboxing specialist, has shown he can't handle elite MMA wrestling in his losses to GSP and Anthony Johnson. He's also shown he can't go toe-to-toe with Carlos "Natural Born Killer" Condit. Now we get to see if he can hang with the nicest guy in the UFC welterweight division: Chris Lytle. But that's not the only curious question about this show. 

So when you're thinking about maybe watching this show, what should you be thinking about? Well...

  • Dan Hardy vs. Chris Lytle: Will the All-American Firefighter Hose The Obnoxious Brit Out Of the UFC?
    Chris Lytle may be remembered by most fans as the nicest guy in the UFC, the lovable firefighter who won as many as he lost but always put on a show. But somehow he put together a quiet little 4-1 run together and he's a risk to send Hardy, a Brit on a three-fight losing streak, packing. But if Lytle chooses to stand and bang as he usually does, Hardy should be safe.
  • Jim Miller vs. Ben Henderson: Somebody's Gotta Get a Title Shot Someday, Right?
    Lightweight Jim Miller has a seven-fight win streak going in the UFC's toughest division. Ben Henderson is 6-1 under the Zuffa banners. Either man will have a very strong case for a title shot after this win. Or they may chose to fight again this year because champ Frankie Edgar and number one contender Gray Maynard will have the title tied up from here to eternity with their wacky blend of draws, rematches and injuries. 
  • Charles Oliveira vs. Donald Cerrone: Who's For Real in the Stacked Lightweight Division?
    Just to prove my point about the talent in the UFC's 155lb class, we have Oliveira and Cerrone. These guys are both certifiable bad asses who've shown they belong in the UFC. Now we're going to find out which one belongs in the upper crust of the division's elite. Will it be Oliveira, the young Brazilian hot shot who looked great in his last fight until he threw an illegal blow that cost him the win? Or Cerrone, the brash WEC star who's 2-0 in the UFC?
  • Amir Sadollah vs. Duane "Bang" Ludwig: Has the Affable Amir Been Handed Another Gimme?
    And then there's this one which the UFC has been trying to set up for a long time. Sadollah, The Ultimate Fighter winner, has a 4-2 record in the UFC, but none of the 4 guys he beat is still with the UFC. "Bang" Ludwig is just the kind of aging journeyman who'll keep it on the feet and make Amir look good in the process, at least that's the plan. Of course Bang is also the man responsible for the fastest KO in UFC history that's not on the books. Nothing in this UFC is guaranteed Amir fans...can your homeboy from the reality show get past this test?