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UFC 133's Rashad Evans: 'I Don't Like Jon Jones'

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans didn't pull any punches on today's media call to promote his UFC 133 bout with superstar Tito Ortiz. 

Evans had originally hoped to fight for the title against his former friend and teammate Jon Jones but that didn't work out. When he was asked about Jones, he kept it simple: "I don't like Jon Jones."

He didn't elaborate much more when asked about his former training camp, Greg Jackson's MMA where he once trained alongside Jones.  When asked if he ever saw himself returning to Jackson's camp, the camp where he has trained for the majority of his career, he said he didn't see himself ever coming back.

"You really need a lot of time and coaches who spend a lot of time with you.  After being a Jackson's for a while with so many people at the gym, it just got harder and harder for me to get that time. It gets a little bit stagnant, it's just one of those things: ok, how am I to reinvent myself if I'm pretty much learning the same thing? It was good to come out here (to his current camp in Florida) to have a freshness with guys who are thinking outside the box," Evans elaborated.