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UFC 133's Jorge Rivera: If I Lose My Next Fight, I'll Likely Retire

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In this exclusive interview on MMA Nation on 106.7 The Fan, UFC 133's Jorge Rivera talks about his future in the sport of mixed martial arts. The UFC middleweight notes if he loses his next bout and is cut from the organization, he'll very likely retire from professional fighting.

Jorge Rivera standing
Jorge Rivera standing

Here's something to consider: what happens to Jorge Rivera if he loses next weekend at UFC 133: Ortiz vs. Evans 2? If you let Rivera tell it, it likely means retirement. I spoke to Rivera last weekend on my radio show (MMA Nation on 106.7 The Fan in Washington, DC) before his fight with Alessio Sakara was cancelled for a third time. Certainly a replacement opponent could change the calculus of Rivera's career decisions, but if anything, it would seem to reinforce Rivera's reasoning.

While he isn't definitive what the UFC would do in the event of a loss, Rivera's logic goes something like this: if he lost, it'd be his second defeat in a row, which would mean he'd be 'bounced' from the organization. In turn, that would mean he'd be forced to fight in a smaller show, which means he'd retire. As Rivera himself states, "I have no interest in fighting in a lower-tiered event".

In addition to potential retirement, Rivera and I discuss:

  • The illegal knee Michael Bisping hit Rivera with during their bout UFC 127, how he dealt with the loss, if the UFC ever talked to him about the foul and more on that matter;
  • His post-fighting career plans, namely, a gym he plans to open in Milton, Massachusetts;
  • In addition to opening a gym, Rivera also opens the door to potentially judging or refereeing in MMA;
  • Why he believes the UFC sought to match him up with Alessio Sakara three times;
  • Who will win between Tito Ortiz and Rashad Evans in the main event;

And a lot more. Full audio below: