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MMA Nation Launched! This is the happiest of days.
MMA Nation Launched! This is the happiest of days.

Today I am pleased to announce the debut of "MMA Nation" (, SB Nation's newest mixed martial arts site. This is a project months in the making, one that I am incredibly proud of. Our goal is to make it the top destination for those seeking the best in MMA news, analysis, community and coverage.

This site brings together proven, veteran digital and print MMA media talent. I am joined by Nate Wilcox (founder and editor of, Thomas Myers (founder and editor of and Jonathan Snowden (author of Total MMA and MMA Encyclopedia). The project is just beginning, but the talent is proven and shows SBN's commitment to MMA.

We, as well as the respective communities that we've created, nurtured and often times incited, are part of a company, SB Nation, that is on the cutting edge of news and technology. And we intend to use every advantage of this advanced platform to give our readers the most informative, most enjoyable and most responsive MMA coverage found anywhere. Exclusive interviews, in-depth event analysis, breaking news and feature stories that you won't be able to read anywhere else, will now all be located at MMA Nation. It's not designed to replace any one site or the other, but rather give you more of what you crave: The best MMA coverage on the Internet.

Like any site, there will be growing pains. We've got lots to learn in working together and leveraging the strength of this platform. We hope you'll keep us honest, on our toes and take part in the interaction between author and audience. Our brand is community engagement. That's as true at as it is as So, too, will that be a cornerstone of the user experience at MMA Nation.