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Chael Sonnen Expounds On Meaning Of Mental Toughness

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Chael Sonnen talks the significance and value of mental toughness.

Chael Sonnen Mental Toughness
Chael Sonnen Mental Toughness

In this remarkable and seemingly uncharacteristic video, UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen answers a reporter's questions about the meaning of mental toughness, how it differs from confidence, how it can be developed, when he discovered it was a trait that could be honed and much more. I note that it's uncharacteristic, although for anyone who knew or had interaction with Sonnen prior to his late-career reformation, this is how the man seemed to be. Most of the time, anyway.

Speaking personally, I find it refreshing. It isn't that I deny there is no audience for his cheap tricks of histrionics. I also don't deny those tricks benefit the sport's and UFC's bottomline. I also personally reject it as entertaining. It's as perfunctory as can be and frankly, when watching a more candid, sober Sonnen, one wonders what on earth is so damned appealing about acting - literally, acting - like a crass boor.