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UFC Live 4: Charles Oliveira Vs. Nik Lentz Declared A No Contest

The Pennsylvania Athletic Commission (PSAC) today ruled the lightweight bout between Charles Oliveira and Nik Lentz at UFC Live 4 a no contest. The fight had initially been recorded as a submission victory for Oliveira. Oliveira submitted Lentz via rear naked choke after hitting him with an illegal knee to the face while Lentz had one knee on the ground. 

Referee Chip Snider could have called time out after the illegal blow, but failed to do so. 

PSAC Executive Director Greg Sirb issued a statement to MMA Weekly, "After review of the tape of this contest and after consultation with the referee the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission has ruled that the results of this match will be changed to a no contest."

Lentz' coach Greg Nelson told MMA Fighting that the blow "broke Lentz' eye socket. All the other referees were jumping up, guys from the commission were jumping up, I was jumping up. A lot of people were wondering what was going on, why the fight wasn't being stopped, because it was so blatant. Then the crowd, when they saw the replay, it was doubly obvious to them."

The UFC declared the bout The Fight of the Night and gave bonuses to both fighters.