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Khan vs Peterson: Amir Khan's Five Best Wins

I couldn't possibly match Bad Left Hook's Scott Christ in boxing analysis, so why not just read his? In this superb post, Christ breaks down the five best wins of Amir Khan's now surging career. What stands out to me about Khan's victories is that they come over highly-respected opposition, but he still lacks that signature victory of his career. Even the opponents who he has defeated that boxing insiders deeply respect - Kotelnik, for example - haven't come with career defining moments.

Complete Coverage: Khan vs. Peterson

In fact, it's arguable (though not fair) the most defining moment of his career is his sole loss to Breidis Prescott. Lamont Peterson is still a figure more known to insiders than casual fans, but if it's true Khan moves to welterweight should he beat Peterson - a weight division with a host of tough fighters with star power - that means a dominant victory here could be signpost for Khan's career as he takes on new divisions.

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