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VIDEO: MTV's MMA 'Caged' Series Preview

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Above is a preview of MTV's new reality show 'Caged'. I'd say up front the show is quite obviously more teen drama meets redemptive opportunity, feel-good story than TUF. Like the movie 'Warrior', it's less about mixed martial arts and more a human interest story. There's a (unintentional) conflation of MMA with blue collar reality, although that's not necessarily untrue. It's just not the entire picture.

Official show description after the jump.

"Caged" will premiere on Monday, January 9 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.  "Caged" follows Daniel, Wes, Red (Jessica), and Danger, a diverse group of young adults in small town Louisiana, struggling to improve their lives and find their way in the world after high school graduation. For these young people, life in their small town is a constant uphill battle, with an unknown outcome for their future. But one thing lights up their weekend evenings: cage fighting.  The series will give an honest and powerful view into the world of passionate amateur MMA fighters and the women in their lives, both inside and outside of the cage.  Their stories go much deeper than mixed martial arts, however; not only are they fighting to win in the ring, these young adults are also fighting to make something of themselves.  "Caged" will also air internationally on MTV channels around the world starting May 2012.