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Khan Vs. Peterson: Lamont Peterson's Childhood Homeless Struggles [VIDEO]

B.J. Koubaroulis of the Washington Post put together this short but illiuminating look into the details of Peterson's childhood homelessness. As you can see from watching the video, Peterson's had a particularly rough go of it. From sleeping in station wagons to friends' homes to unlocked cars to simply walking the streets the entire duration of the night. It's a miracle, frankly, Peterson is even alive much less an accomplished professional athlete.

Complete Coverage: Khan vs. Peterson

There's also some of what I talked about yesterday: that junkyard dog attitude some prizefighters exhibit, particularly when they come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Peterson's own ability to beat the odds has etched into mind that problems of any variety can be overcome. Even if untrue, that's precisely the sort of mindset required in fight sport, particularly at the highest level.

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