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Dream NYE 2011 Results: Fedor Emelianenko Crushes Ishii, Aoki, Takaya, Fernandes Pick Up Wins

Complete results for Dream New Year 2011. Fedor Emelianenko KO'd Satoshi Ishii, Shinya Aoki took a decision win over Satoru Kitaoka and Bibiano Fernandes took the bantamweight tournament.

Photo by Taro Ireivia via <a href="">Sherdog</a>.
Photo by Taro Ireivia via Sherdog.

Japanese fight promote Antonio Inoki made sure the tradition of a big martial arts event on New Year's Eve continued as he mounted Dream: New Year 2011 featuring Fedor Emelianenko vs. Satoshi Ishii, Shinya Aoki vs. Satoru Kitaoka, a bantamweight tournament and more.

Emelianenko made short work of Ishii, absolutely blasting him with punches for a first round KO win. The win is Emelianeko's second in a row after beating Jeff Monson in Moscow a few weeks back. Fedor had dropped three straight to end his run in Strikeforce.

Ishii, a 2008 Olympic Gold medalist in Judo, has to be one of the biggest busts in MMA history. He drops to 4-2-1 with the loss and his future in the sport is anyone's guess. He was booed by Japanese fans against Jerome Le Banner last year and had utterly failed to fulfill expectations that he would be the "savior" of Japanese MMA.

Dream lightweight champion Shinya Aoki dominated former training partner Satoru Kitaoka to take a five round decision. Aoki brutalized Kitaoka to the point that the loser was gargling his own blood at various points in the bout.

Bibiano Fernandes won two bouts to take the Dream bantamweight tournament, beating Antonio Banuelos in the finals.

Complete Results:
DREAM Bantamweight tournament reserve match: Yusup Saadulaev defeated Hideo Tokoro in R1 in 42 seconds and sent Tokoro to the hospital.
DREAM Bantamweight tournament semi-finals: Antonio Banuelos defeated Masakazu Imanari after 2R by split decision.
DREAM Bantamweight tournament semi-finals: Bibiano Fernandes defeated Rodolfo Marquez Diniz after 2R by unanimous decision.
Kickboxing match: Masaaki Noiri defeated Kengo Sonoda.
Kickboxing match: Yuta Kubo defeated Nils Widlund in R3 by KO.
DREAM Welterweight match: Hayato "Mach" Sakurai defeated Ryo Chonan after 3R by unanimous decision.
DREAM Featherweight match: Tatsuya Kawajiri defeated Kazuyuki Miyata in R2 in 4′54 with a choke.
Women's MMA fight: Megumi Fujii defeated Karla Benitez in R1 in 75 seconds with an arm-bar.
Mixed rules fight (1R 3 minutes kickboxing, 2R 5 mins DREAM rules): Katsunori Kikuno defeated Yuichiro Nagashima in R2 in 2′34 by TKO.
DREAM Bantamweight tournament finals: Bibiano Fernandes defeated Antonio Banuelos in R1 in 91 seconds by TKO.
DREAM Feathereweight title match: Hiroyuki Takaya defeated Lion Takeshi after 5R by unanimous decision.
DREAM Lightweight title match: Shinya Aoki defeated Satoru Kitaoka after 5R by unanimous decision.
DREAM Heavyweight match: Fedor Emelianenko defeated Satoshi Ishii in R1 in 2′29 by KO.