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UFC 141 Results: Jacob Volkmann Trolls President Obama After Beating Efrain Escudero

UFC 141 Results: Jacob Volkmann defeats Efrain Escudero by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

UFC lightweight Jacob Volkmann dominated Efrain Escudero for a ho-hum decision at UFC 141, but things got interesting-ish after the fight. Volkmann received a visit from the Secret Service in January of this year after saying he'd like to fight President Obama because, "someone's got to knock some sense into that idiot."

UFC 141 Results: Jacob Volkmann defeats Efrain Escudero by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Volkmann attempted to follow up on that notoriety last night by donning a "Volkmann for President" t-shirt and launching into a terrible joke about Obama when UFC announcer Joe Rogan interviewed him after the fight.

"I'd like to give President Obama a glassectomy. Ask me what a glassectomy is Joe," Volkmann said to a groaning Rogan. "A glassectomy is when you cut a hole in the belly button and put in a glass window so you can still see with your head up your ass."

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He did manage to challenge UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar before Rogan cut him off, advising the champ to work on his take down defense.

Volkmann earned his squandered moment in the spotlight by dominating Escudero for the first two rounds of the fight. Volkmann took The Ultimate Fighter winner down repeatedly and dominated him positionally on the ground. Volkmann did little or nothing while on top, scoring few strikes and threatening with no serious submissions. But he did utterly dominate Escudero with his superior wrestling throughout the first two rounds.

In the third, Escudero threatened with a very tight front choke for more than a minute but failed to submit Volkmann. Escudero cycled through a north-south choke, a no-arm-in guillotine and a more conventional guillotine but never quite locked it on tight enough to force the tap.

Volkmann improves to 5-2 in the UFC and is 5-0 since moving down to the 155 pound lightweight division. Given his less than scintillating fighting style, Volkmann will likely be on the Jon Fitch track -- the world's #2 welterweight who's only gotten one title shot in a five year UFC career.

Escudero was a short-notice substitute for T.J. Grant. He went 3-2 in his first UFC run before being cut for missing weight in a loss to Charles Oliveira. He reeled off a 5-1 record outside the UFC before getting called back. He may get a second chance as a reward for stepping up on short notice and putting on a spirited effort.

"I learned I should never look at my opponent, just go out there and fight," Escudero said after the fight. "Make him fight my fight and control the situation. I'm going to go back to the gym now. Work on being more aggressive in the Octagon and taking home the victory next time."

For his part, Volkmann had a realistic appraisal of his performance saying, "Not the greatest tonight but it's a win. Thought I had him with the guillotine but couldn't finish it. I hope I can put together a better showing next time."