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UFC 141 Results: Jacob Volkmann Decisions Efrain Escudero After Near Submission

The second fight of the night at UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem is Efrain Escudero vs. Jacob Volkmann. This is a lightweight fight, meaning 155 pounds. This fight is airing on Facebook. The referee in charge of the action is Herb Dean.

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ROUND 1 - Volkmann opens southpaw and lands an inside leg kick. Escudero is orthodox. Escudero attempts a guilltone from a Volkmann takedown attempt, but the Minnesotan escapes. Volkmann in side control before Volkmann stands up over Escudero. Front head lock from Volkmann as Escudero leans on his left hip. Escudero briefly recovers full butterfly guard before Volkmann recovers half guard.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Volkmann.

ROUND 2 - Volkmann grabs the single and dumps Escudero at a perpendicular angle to the mat. And again Escudero leaning on his right hip with an underhook trying to stand, Volkmann flattening him out to stuff it in half guard. Due to perceived inactivity, referee Dean stands the two up. Volkmann manages to get behind Escudero standing and lifts Escudero just long enough to tlit him over and dump him to the mat. Escudero in turtle, Volkmann has Escudero's back with both hooks in. Volkmann nearly gets the rear naked choke, but Escudero escapes.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Volkmann.

ROUND 3 - Escudero attempts a guillotine off the takedown attempt and is dumped laterally to the mat. Volkmann now in side control. Escudero almost has his back taken and as Volkmann rides him, he's driving hard punches to the face of the Escudero. From that position, referee Dean stands them up. Escudero lands a power guillotine and Volkmann is in deep trouble, but manages to hang on. That was a very close one. The round ends shortly thereafter.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Escudero and the fight 29-28 Volkmann.

Official result: Jacob Volkmann defeats Efrain Escudero by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

UFC 141 results:

  • Diego Nunes defeats Manny Gamburyan by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Jacob Volkmann defeats Efrain Escudero by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)