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DREAM New Year! 2011 Weigh-In Results: Fedor, Ishii On Weight

Official weigh-ins for DREAM: New Year! 2011 were held on Friday morning in Tokyo, Japan. All fighters involved in MMA bouts made weight, including heavyweight headliners Fedor Emelianenko (233.7) and Satoshi Ishii (214.7). The bout will mark Emelianenko return to Japan for the first time since 2007.

"I'm very happy to be fighting back in Japan for the first time in four years. I'm very happy to be fighting against Ishii," Fedor said at Friday's pre-fight press conference (via Sherdog). "I met Ishii several years ago, when we talked over tea. I think I have a good relationship with him and am glad to be fighting a great opponent like him. I hope to put on a great fight for the fans tomorrow."

Bantamweight tournament semifinalist Rodolfo Marques Diniz and tourney reserve competitor Yusup Saadulaev were the sole fighters to fail to make weight on their first attempt. Both Diniz (137.1) and Saadulaev (135.8) initially tipped in over the 135-pound limit, but eventually cut down to 134.5.

"DREAM: Fight for Japan. How are you! New Year! 2011" weigh-in results (MMA bouts only):

Heavyweight: Fedor Emelianenko (233.7) vs. Satoshi Ishii (214.7)
Lightweight Championship: Shinya Aoki (154.3) vs. Satoru Kitaoka (154.3)
Featherweight Championship: Hiroyuki Takaya (143.3) vs. Takeshi Inoue (142.9)
Welterweight: Hayato Sakurai (167.1) vs. Ryo Chonan (166.4)
Featherweight: Tatsuya Kawajiri (143.3) vs. Kazuyuki Miyata (142.6)
Women's Flyweight: Megumi Fujii (114.6) vs. Karla Benitez (114.6)
Bantamweight Semifinals: Bibiano Fernandes (134.5) vs. Rodolfo Marques Diniz (134.5)
Bantamweight Semifinals: Masakazu Imanari (134) vs. Antonio Banuelos (134.5)
Tourney Reserve: Hideo Tokoro (134.5) vs. Yusup Saadulaev (134.5)