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Cotto Vs. Margarito Video: Full Fight Highlights

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Miguel Cotto dominated Antonio Margarito on HBO pay-per-view, winning by doctor's stoppage after nine rounds. It was sweet revenge for Cotto, the man who feels that when he lost to Margarito the first time around in 2008 it was a case of Margarito having used illegal plaster in his wraps.

Margarito didn't look nearly as strong and his power punches didn't have nearly the same effect in the rematch as they did the first time around. But a big part of the way the fight went may have been due to the simple fact that Margarito is much slower and much less like the 2008 version of the two men at this point in his career.

Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports, we are able to bring you a video of highlights from the fight:

We'll have more on the fight over the coming days.

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