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Antonio Margarito's Next Fight - Reduced To Fodder For Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.?

Antonio Margarito was outclassed on HBO pay-per-view by Miguel Cotto. After being beat to the punch throughout the night and looking like anything but the feared puncher he was once thought of before being caught with loaded hand wraps before his fight with Shane Mosley (take that decrease in power as you will), Margarito appears clearly to have seen his last days as an elite fighter.

That leaves the question: Where does Margarito go from here?

One possible option is up a weight class to middleweight to face Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.

Chavez is a big draw these days but he's also being managed very carefully. Margarito is a big man for 154 pounds, so moving up to 160 pounds to fight Chavez at middleweight is entirely doable. It also serves a dual purpose:

- Margarito doesn't have much time left in the sport or many more opportunities to make good paydays. A fight with Chavez would, at the very least, get him a nice payday and another spot on HBO or as a PPV support act on a card like Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s May 5 date.

- For Chavez it presents him with an opponent possessing a big name which would be a benefit to his marketing while also an opponent whose skills are faded enough as to not likely present a tremendous challenge.

There's also a bit of a built in story of the old Mexican star who brought disgrace on a proud tradition (even if Mexican fans do remain supportive of Margarito) against the new talented son of the country's greatest boxer of all time.

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