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TUF 14 Finale Results: ‘Mayhem’ Miller’s UFC Status In Question Following Loss To Michael Bisping

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Jason "Mayhem" Miller's status as a UFC employee could be in doubt after his unremarkable loss to Michael Bisping on Saturday night.

(Photo by Esther Lin via
(Photo by Esther Lin via

Jason Miller's reentry into the UFC didn't quite go as planned. Hampered by a severe case of ring rust, the charming middleweight fell flat at Saturday night's The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale, eventually succumbing to Michael Bisping via TKO in an uninspired three-round affair.

Unfortunately, "Mayhem" may not get a chance to rectify his mistake. When asked if the 30-year-old would continue to fight under the UFC banner, promotion president Dana White was markedly unenthusiastic.

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"I don't know, we'll see," White said to Heavy MMA. "He didn't have a good performance against Georges St. Pierre (in 2005) and he definitely didn't have a good performance against Michael Bisping."

White went on to describe Miller's loss as "the most one sided fight" he had ever seen in the UFC (via Twitter). To his credit, "Mayhem" was apologetic about his performance.

"I trained really hard for this fight. I'm sorry, guys. I got tired," the battered fighter explained to the sold-out audience at the Palms Casino Resort. "I can't make any excuses about it. For all the boos that Michael Bisping gets, he deserves your applause as a fighter."