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Cotto Vs. Margarito Results: Delvin Rodriguez Beats Pawel Wolak On The Scorecards

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Pawel Wolak and Delvin Rodriguez rematched in the second fight of the HBO pay-per-view broadcast for Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito. Their first fight from earlier in 2011 is a leading contender for fight of the year.

The first round was a good indication that the action from the first fight was going to continue into this meeting. Both men came out throwing hard shots, Wolak walking forward but not smothering his own power and Rodriguez trying to catch him coming in.

Going into the second it was Rodriguez needing to make the adjustments and he did so well by catching him more often and going to the uppercut with frequency. That uppercut would continue to be a good weapon for Rodriguez in the third round. Wolak adjusted in the second half of the third but Rodriguez appeared to be up two rounds to one after three.

The two men continued putting on a show in the fourth round but Rodriguez landed a very great combination in the round that saw some of the best shots of the fight to that point.

Wolak came back with a nice round in the fifth and while it wasn't quite up to the level of the first fight to this point it was still a very good fight that saw both men taking as well as they gave, which meant an even 57-57 card after 6 rounds on the MMA Nation card.

With Rodriguez appearing to MMA Nation to pull away a bit in rounds 7 and 8, round 9 saw Wolak come out and land a sharp right hand and then continue to the body. Rodriguez came back with combinations and some decent body work of his own which cut Wolak's comeback off.

Rodriguez closed out the round in the tenth round by continuing to work his combiations and bust Wolak up. Eventualy Rodriguez opened up with huge power shots and had Wolak badly hurt and holding on to keep upright. Somehow he was unable to get the knockdown but still seeming to do enough damage to get a 10-8 round.

At the end of the scheduled ten rounds, it was 97-92 on the MMA Nation scorecard.

The official cards read: 98-91, 98-92, 100-90 all for Delvin Rodriguez.

With the win, Rodriguez got the win he needed over a man who pushed him to the limit the first time around.

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