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Cotto Vs. Margarito Results Live: Round 3

In the third round of the HBO PPV main event between Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito saw a Mexican challenger who needed to figure out a way to trap Cotto along the ropes as was the case in the first fight. Still, Cotto continued to pop him with combinations and left hands.

Margarito started to bleed from his previously operated on right eye after a left hand from Cotto.

Margarito responded to the blood by trying to turn up his punch output. Cotto started to open up in return and they flurried back and forth. Cotto lands hard and Margarito smiles back and starts trying to chase him down. Margarito with a body shot that may have been his best to this point in the fight.

Still a Cotto round.

Round: 10-9 Cotto
Fight: 30-27 Cotto

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