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Cotto Vs. Margarito Results Live: Round 2

Round two of the HBO pay-per-view main event between Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito saw Margarito trying to find a way to eliminate Cotto's combination punching. Cotto continued firing his combinations though and at one point drilled Margarito with a hard left hook.

Cotto with a big right hand that tagged Margarito and despite Margarito's continued smiling, it was clear that something big was going to need to happen or this was going to be a very long (or violently short) fight for him.

Margarito was able to get in a left hand but Cotto landed two consecutive left hooks. The left hook continued to work for Cotto throughout the round as he refused to get pinned against the ropes until the very end of the round when Margarito had no time to take advantage of it.

Round: 10-9 Cotto
Fight: 20-18 Cotto

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