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Cotto Vs. Margarito Results Live: Round 1

In the first round of the HBO pay-per-view main event between Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito the audibly pro-Cotto crowd cheered on their man during the fighter introductions and as he landed sharp right hands. Margarito smiled at him after a two punch shot.

Cotto used his footwork, staying outside and looking to pick his shots while Margarito tried to get his jab going. Cotto continued working both upstairs and down but at least early, Margarito kept walking forward and smiling. Cotto landed a hard right hand and Margarito was able to let a left go.

Cotto kept working combinations and throwing the left hook, no doubt targeting the damaged right eye of Margarito.

Margarito tried to come forward harder in the later stages of the round but Cotto clearly won the round.

Round:10-9 Cotto
Fight: 10-9 Cotto

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