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UFC's Ultimate Fighter 14 Results: Tony Ferguson Earns Dubious Decision Over Yves Edwards

The seventh fight of the night at The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale is Anthony Ferguson vs. Yves Edwards. This is a bantamweight fight, meaning 135 pounds. This fight is airing on Spike TV. The referee in charge of the action is Chris Tognoni.

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ROUND 1 - Edwards opens southpaw, Ferguson is orthodox. Inside leg kick from Ferguson finds the mark, but both fighters are feeling each other out. Ferguson fires two outside leg kicks now. Left straight from Edwards, and now a body shot. Edwards lands a right and then a head kick partially lands. Left hand from Edwards followed by a hard outside left leg kick. Right hand from Edwards partially lands. Both fighters exchange hard right hands. Uppercut from Ferguson have Edwards in trouble, but Edwards fires back with a head kick. Edwards dives for a takedown and is stuffed, then met with a rolling oma plata from Ferguson. They separate.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Ferguson.

ROUND 2 - Right hand from Edwards stumbles Ferguson and lands a jumping knee. Inside leg kick from Ferguson. Right straight and inside leg kick lands for Ferguson. Body shot by Ferguson now. Short right uppercut from Ferguson finds the mark. Left hook over the top for Edwards, but gets clipped from Ferguson with a left. Edwards shoots for a takedown and is stuffed easily. Ferguson goes for his own and it works.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Ewards.

ROUND 3 - Jab for Ferguson. Middle kick from Ferguson followed by a leg kick from Edwards. Hard inside leg kicks for Edwards. Left hand now by Ferguson. Superman punch for Ferguson, but Edwards lands an outside leg kick. Ferguson switching stances and fires a side kick, but eats a left hand. Edwards lands a right hand, but has his takedown shucked off.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Ewards and the fight 29-28 Edwards.

UFC: The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale results: Tony Ferguson defeats Yves Edwards (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)