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UFC's Ultimate Fighter 14 Results: Johnny Bedford Dominates Louis Gaudinot En Route To Stoppage

The sixth fight of the night at The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale is Johnny Bedford vs. Louis Gaudinot. This is a bantamweight fight, meaning 135 pounds. This fight is airing on Spike TV. The referee in charge of the action is Steve Mazzagatti.

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ROUND 1 - Both fighters open orthodox. Bedford doing all the stalking, throws a right and lands a double leg. He's on half guard on top. Beford using a cradle to stop Gaudinot from standing, but it doesn't work. Gaudinot eats a knee on the way up. Body lock takedown from Bedford with authority and right into mount. Gaudinot is covering up and appears to be cut. Bedford nearly attempted an armbar, but left it go. Gaudinot rolls and Beford takes the back. Gaudinot rolls back down and Bedford stands out and lands GNP. Gaudinot tries to stand and Beford fires knees to the body.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Bedford.

ROUND 2 - Bedford backs Gaudinot up with dirty boxing, but they separate. Single leg takedown from Bedford works and as Gaudinot stands he eats several hard body shots. Tree top takedown now from Gaudinot. Gaudinot getting beat up underneath, although nothing dramatic has landed yet. Bedford moves to north-south and now side control. And now mount. With tight technique, Bedford sits out for an armbar, but Gaudinot is saved by the bell.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Bedford.

ROUND 3 - Outside leg kick from Bedford finds the mark. Hard knee driven into Gaudinot and now a body shot has Gaudinot in all sorts of trouble. Bedford is all over Gaudinot and with unanswered knees to the body, the referee stops the fight. Complete dominance.

UFC: The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale results: Johnny Beford defeats Louis Gaudinot by TKO (strikes, referee stoppage) at 1:58 of round 3.