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UFC's Ultimate Fighter 14 Results: Roland Delorme Chokes Out Josh Ferguson In The Third

The third fight of the night at The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale is Roland Delorme vs. Josh Ferguson. This is a bantamweight fight, meaning 135 pounds. This fight is airing on Facebook. The referee in charge of the action is Chris Tognoni.

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ROUND 1 -Both fighters open orthodox. Ferguson lands a right and they clinch. Delorme pressing Ferguson into the fence and he trips him to the floor. Delorme on top now in half guard and passes briefly, but Ferguson recovers. Now full guard with Ferguson on top. Ferguson posturing up and lands a hard right. Delorme lands a triangle, but Ferguson's right shoulder is pushing through, saving him for now. Delorme switches the leg arranagement of the triangle and then to an oma plata, but Ferguson escapes. Ferguson, in a furry, achieves mount and back control. He attempted an arm bar, but lost it and Delorme ended the round on top.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Delorme.

ROUND 2 - Both a left and right land, the latter more especially. Delrome fires a middle kick which Ferguson catches but lets go. Small right hand lands for Ferguson. Delorme with a left hook and now Ferguson with a right. Knee to the body from Delorme, but pays for it by surrending the takedown. Ferguson on top. They stand and Ferguson tries to lock up front headlock. He gets tripped and in a scramble to keep it, loses it. Stiff left hand and another push Delorme back. Delorme on top now after a scoop takedown.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Ferguson.

ROUND 3 - Left hand from Delorme drops Ferguson. Delorme, as he takes the back and snatches Ferguson off of his base, locked up the rear naked choke. That's it, Ferguson taps.

UFC: The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale Results: Roland Delorme defeats Josh Ferguson by submission (rear naked choke) at :22 of round 3.