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Nate Diaz Hates Cowboy Hats On The Round-Up

MMA Nation rounds up the latest news from the UFC and the world of mixed martial arts.

Nate Diaz
Nate Diaz

MMA Nation Round-Up provides you with daily coverage of the latest in news, multimedia, and analysis throughout the world of combat sports. This morning we'll continue to look at UFC 141, plus a brief visit from our old buddies Chael Sonnen and Miguel Torres.

- The big news from yesterday was the UFC 141 press conference with Brock Lesnar, Alistair Overeem, Nate Diaz, and Donald Cerrone. As always, MMA Nation was there with complete coverage. Check out all the video and notable quotes from the UFC's year-end blowout.

- What would a Diaz fight be without a heated staredown? Hopefully we never have to find out.

- Say what you will, but the Diaz's are nothing if not honest. See what made Nate declare, "This is the Ultimate Fighting Championship, not the Ultimate Wrestling Championship."

- Look back at the man before the legend with part 1 of Fraser Coffeen's fantastic Brock Lesnar career retrospective.

- Lesnar isn't exactly the most cheerful man in the world, as you can see by the abrupt end to his interview with MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani.

- Many are saying Alistair Overeem vs. Brock Lesnar is a classic example of striker vs. wrestler. Overeem seems to disagree.

- "The Reem" has spoken often about his desire to come to the UFC, but did you know there was one last fight he wanted before entering the Octagon?

- UFC 141 fun facts, you ask? If you insist.

In case you missed my late night tweets: Brock's cutting from 291 for #UFC 141 (didn't cut for last 2 fights) & Reem's glove size is XXXXL
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- In other big news, a familiar face has returned from exile to rejoin the UFC.

- Georges St. Pierre is having a tough year. Fresh from blowing out his knee and being named one of the "Most Overhyped Athletes of 2011" by the Canadian press, the sidelined UFC welterweight champion lost an award he had won three years running. To who? A figure skater.

- Anderson Silva's favorite soccer team is Corinthians Paulista. Chael Sonnen's favorite soocer team is their hated rival, Palmeiras. You can see where this is going. (HT: Fight Linker)

- Krzysztof Soszynski was just as surprised as the rest of us when he watched his own retirement on Dana White's UFC 141 video blog. On Wednesday "The Polish Experiment" clarified his hazy comments.

- Wondering if there's money to be made at UFC 141? Not to worry, Dallas Winston returns with more of the best previews in MMA. Today's edition: the entire UFC 141 Facebook undercard.

- We'll leave you with another clip of Brock Lesnar's bizarre past. Matt Roth explains, "It's twisted and demented and involves the 290 pound Lesnar beating up on a one-legged 160 pound Zach Gowen."