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UFC 141 Dana White Video Blog: Day 2

UFC President Dana White promised fight fans a week full of video blogs before UFC 141, and so far he hasn't disappointed.

Wednesday's edition is a short, but definitive look at White's decision to award Duane "Bang" Ludwig the fastest knockout in UFC history.

While Ludwig's six-second knockout of Jonathan Goulet may be official in the halls of the UFC, the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) has proven to be a stubborn customer in the matter, thus far refusing to change its erroneous ruling of 11 seconds.

White is apparently very aware of this fact, and sets out to explain the nuances of his decision with this transparent and ultimately conclusive video evidence. Using the moment the referee starts the bout and the moment the referee touches a fighter as a barometer, the clips shows Ludwig's knockout to clock in at 00:06:06, while Chan Sung Jung's blasting of Mark Hominick ends just a smidgen later at 00:06:26. Meanwhile, the previous record, Todd Duffee's KO of Tim Hague, wraps up at 00:07:56.

With the video evidence staring them in the face, will the NSAC admit their mistake?