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UFC 141 Pros Picks: Alistair Overeem Favored Over Brock Lesnar

It's impossible to say what's going to happen when 600 pounds collide in the cage at UFC 141. Oddsmakers may have tapped Alistair Overeem as the slight betting favorite over Brock Lesnar, but does that mean the Dutch behemoth is going to dethrone the former UFC heavyweight champion?

A slew of professional fighters called their shot to MMA Interviews, and so far the pros seem to be on Vegas' side. Part 1 of the video can be seen above. For part 2 and notable quotes, hit the jump.

Wanderlei Silva: I think Overeem is going to win because he's fighting for a long time. Brock Lesnar is a fresh fighter. You need to time to adapt your face to receiving the punch.

Manny Gamburyan: I'm picking Brock Lesnar. Stoppage. First or second round, with a submission, or ground and pound.

Kevin Randleman: I'm giving the slight edge to Alistair, only because he's been in the game for a very long time and fought an awful lot of guys that are supposedly specialists in wrestling.

Vitor Belfort: I believe Overeem has more of a chance (because) of the history he's been through. He's been through wars. I believe he has more skills at the top as a stand-up fighter.

Nam Phan: I'd say Brock Lesnar actually. I'm not sure if Overeem has ever fought a wrestler as high caliber as Brock Lesnar. I think, Brock Lesnar would be smart enough (to) just take him down and stall him out for five rounds.

Gilbert Melendez: Is Brock going to be able to take him down, or is Overeem going to guillotine him on the way down, or is he going to sprawl and brawl? It's whoever gets to fight their fight. You'll know who's going to win within the first two minutes.

Gegard Mousasi: I think people underestimate Overeem, how strong he is. I would say he's definitely as strong, or maybe even stronger than (Lesnar), and he's difficult to take down... so he's going to win, I believe.