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Fugitive Junie Browning Surrenders At Thailand Police Station

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Weeks after a nationwide manhunt began, former TUF 8 cast member Junie Browning has turned himself into Thai police.


The bizarre saga of Junie Allen Browning notched another twist on Wednesday, as the fugitive fighter arrived with his girlfriend at a Phunket Police Station in an attempt to turn himself in to local authorities.

According to reports from Phuketwan, Browning's unexpected visit was the result of a recent article in which Phuket resident and U.S. Embassy warden Denny Bowman advised the American runaway to "surrender." Browning, in turn, appeared at Chalong Police Station in southern Phuket in order to explain his innocence in the now notorious brawl.

Earlier this month the 26-year-old created a media firestorm after an alleged barroom scuffle spilled over into a local hospital. Following the incident, Browning reportedly fled from authorities on advice of friends who believed the Thai mafia had targeted the former UFC fighter. As recently as a few days ago, Browning sent out an e-mail from hiding, stating that he feared for his life and imploring for help from the U.S. Embassy.

Several others involved in the incident were present at Chalong Police Station upon Browning's arrival. Attempts to mediate a settlement by local authorities were unsuccessful as both parties declined to speak to each other.

According to reports, if a stalemate continues, "the process could be extended. Rather than pick and choose who is telling the truth, officers are likely to continue to try to conduct a mediation session aimed at finding a compromise."

Local reports speculate that Browning could seek monetary compensation for the severity of his injuries, but also may be forced to pay for the medical bills and bar repairs of his antagonists.