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Margarito Vs. Cotto Video: Al Bernstein's Keys To Victory For Fight And Mares Vs. Agbeko

Al Bernstein is still my vote for best commentator in boxing and although he works for Showtime, he does not shy away from talking about fights on HBO or anywhere else. In keeping with that, Bernstein has a video breaking down the keys to victory for the HBO pay-per-view rematch between Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito.

Here's Al's breakdown:


His keys are pretty simple here. Cotto needs to box, stay off the ropes and not look to pot-shot with single punches. Margarito should be focused on forcing him to work non-stop, getting him against the ropes and working the body.

Bernstein will be calling the rematch between Joseph Agbeko and Abner Mares on Showtime at the same time as the HBO card. That fight is a rematch of a great fight that was very controversial as referee Russell Mora refused to call any of Mares' numerous low blows before calling one of the groin strikes a legitimate knockdown despite being in perfect position to see the blow land.

Here's Al's breakdown for that fight:

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