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Strikeforce Melendez Vs. Masvidal Results: Gegard Mousasi Smacks Ovince St. Preux

Strikeforce Melendez Vs. Masvidal Results: Gegard Mousasi vs. Ovince St. Preux

Former light heavyweight champion Gegard Mousasi meets rising contender Ovince St. Preux

ROUND ONE: Steven Davis is the referee. OSP opens with a wiff on a front kick. Mousasi catches another kick. Mousasi lands a hard leg kick that had OSP circling hard to get away. High kick from OSP, blocked but big impact. Mousasi lands a hard right body kick. Mousasi chasing him around the cage, peppering OSP liberally with strikes. Mousasi catches a kick and forces OSP to the ground. Mousasi launches a fusillade of hard punches. OSP upkicks fruitlessly. Mousasi passes guard, gets side control. Mousasi landing hard elbows to the head. Mousasi gets the crucifix and starts whaling away. OSP eats more damage but somehow gets free. Mousasi soon reestablishes control. Mousasi attacks the arm and works for a kiimura. OSP escapes and gets Mousasi down. OSP gets swept. Mousasi jackhammers down with fists and elbows. Crucifix again and Mousasi punishes OSP. Very one-sided round.  MMA Nation scores it Mousasi 10-8.

ROUND TWO: OSP opens with a head kick and shoots in. Mousasi stuffs him easily and clinches OSP. Mousasi trips OSP down. Inside OSP's guard. Mousasi with a wide base. Mousasi to half-past guard, batters down the elbows. Mousasi dominates OSP with strikes, working to get his right leg free but happy to stay on top, peppering with strikes. Mousasi rears up with punches. The referee restarts the fight. Very dubious stoppage. Mousasi eats a knee but drives in for a take down. OSP gets Mousasi down with a switch. Mousasi working a high guard. OSP gets to side mount. The referee says "work to improve it" while OSP is in side control. Mousasi stands up and throws OSP off. Back to kickboxing range. MMA Nation scores round 2 10-9 Mousasi and the fight thus far 20-17. 

ROUND THREE: Mousasi stepping forward. OSP tries to clinch, Mousasi pushes forward and forces the clinch. OSP stands up, Mousasi trying to climb his back. OSP gets free and pushes for his own take down. Drops Mousasi with a brute force take down from an awkward position. OSP straight to side mount. Trying to get mount. OSP is spinning on top of Mousasi. OSP lands hard elbows from the top. Mousasi reverses and gets OSP down. Takes his back. Looking for RNC. Mousasi goes for a trip and takes OSP down on top of him. Mousasi reverses and lands punches from the top. OSP escapes after a scramble. OSP lands a hard left, Mousasi is on his back looking to upkick. OSP drops down and gets side mount. Lands a hard elbow. OSP looking for a d'arce choke, doesn't get it. MMA Nation scores it 10-9 for OSP and the fight 29-28 for Mousasi.

Strikeforce Melendez vs. Masvidal Results: Gegard Mousasi defeats Ovince St. Preux by unanimous decision (29-28).