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Strikeforce Melendez Vs. Masvidal Results: K.J. Noons Beats Billy Evangelista

Strikeforce Melendez Vs. Masvidal Results: K.J. Noons vs. Billy Evangelista

ROUND ONE: They open with an exchange of leg kicks. Noons shoots for a take down and gets it but Evangelista gets right back up. Into a tough wrestling clinch. Evangelista is landing knees. Evangelista takes Noons down. Lands some shots. Noons is back up. They trade standing. Evangelista landing knees from the Thai plum. Evangelista with a hard left hook. Noons lands a combination. Inside leg kick from Noons. Noons lands a lead uppercut. Evangelista pushing Noons back against the cage. Hard overhand elbow cracks Noons' skull. MMA Nation scores it 10-9 for Evangelista. 

ROUND TWO: Noons landing low. Evangelista tries to wrap him up. Noons shucks free. Feinting. Knee from Noons. Trade front kicks. Noons tags Evangelista with a beautiful combination mixing hooks, spinning back fists and uppercuts. Evangelista answers and bloodies Noons. Noons wheeling into Evangelista's orthodox' lead. Noons hitting the body. Evangelista nodding it off. Noons lands a hard straight right. Right cross from Noons.  They clash heads. Right body kick from Evangelista. Crushing right hook from Evangelista. Noons lands body, misses uppercut. Noons shoots, he's grabbed and eating Noons. Noons eats a lots of blows. Evangelista grabbing a leg and going for a trip with a high crotch single. Noons sets and lands a jab. Leg kicks swapped. Noons checks a leg kick. Noons dancing back and forth with his back to the fence. Evangelista tagging him from the clinch with some nice dirty boxing. Noons lunging for the shot. MMA Nation scores it 10-9 Noons and 19-19 overall. 

ROUND THREE: Noons landing with rear uppercuts right away. Evangelista pressing forward into a 1-2. Noons with a jab. Evangelista eats a right leg kick. Spinning back fist lands for Noons. Billy shoots in, gets stuffed. Evangelista misses combo, eats uppercut. Evangelista scoring in the clinch, knees and punches. Noons moving laterally, tags Evangelista trying to come in. Evangelista gets half a collar tie. Noons escapes. Evangelista grabs his head, gets a guillotine. He's torquing away at Noon's neck! Noons rolls free. Noons nearly lost it right there amazing escape. Noons lands in revenge. Hard left hook from Noons. Standing elbow lands on Noons. MMA Nation scores it a very close 10-9 Round for Billy Evangelista and the fight 29-28 for Billy Evangelista but I suspect the judges will disagree. The commentators Frank Shamrock and Pat Miletich both scored it for Noons 29-28. 

Strikeforce Melendez vs. Masvidal Results: K.J. Noons defeats Billy Evangelista by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3).