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Dana White Responds To Twitter Jab With Prison Rape Reference

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The UFC just can't seem to shake this issue.

Fresh from the fallout of Miguel Torres' firing and Rashad Evans' Penn State comments, the last thing the UFC needed is more kindle for the flame. However, that's just what they got when UFC President Dana White respond to a Twitter troll with a joke that, at best, is ill-timed, and at worst, could be seen as hypocritical.

in reply to @Dicker410

@Dicker410 learn how spell dummy!! Assassination!!! The one you spelled is what must have happened to you in prison.
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"Dicker410" was clearly out of line, but that's the nature of the business. Behind the veil of online anonymity, individuals often go to great lengths to disparage and threaten others in a manner that would never take place in reality.

Any public figure, large or small, understands this and deals with it. Without trying to invoke the morality police, it would probably be in White's best interest to not fan the flames of an ugly discussion that cannot seem to die.

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