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Jon Jones Kickin' iPads On The Round-Up

MMA Nation rounds up the latest news from the UFC and the world of mixed martial arts.

(Photo by Esther Lin via MMA Fighting)
(Photo by Esther Lin via MMA Fighting)

MMA Nation Round-Up provides you with daily coverage of the latest in news, multimedia, and analysis throughout the world of combat sports. Today we'll continue to look at Strikeforce's upcoming offering before moving ahead to various stories from the week in mixed martial arts. Plus, Jon Jones stops by to prove he is cooler than The Rock.

- With an uncertain future bludgeoning Gilbert Melendez before Saturday's fight, MMA Nation's Jonathan Snowden asks: Can Gilbert Melendez Stay Focused In The Face Of A UFC Fantasy Future?

- Catch up on all your Melendez highlights with this Strikeforce video package.

- Dallas Winston stopped by to provide a gif-laden preview for Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal's undercard capper, Caros Fodor vs. Justin WilcoxCheck it out over on Bloody Elbow. 

- Many were surprised to hear Dana White speak so glowingly about the future of Strikeforce, despite struggling ratings, disgruntled fighters, and a general lack of interest. Well, Josh Nason believes he has a bold, fix-all solution: Strikeforce should become a female-only promotion.

- Switching gears, Don Frye is unquestionably a legend of MMA's old guard. So it's somewhat sad to see him still trudging down the fight path at 46-years-old. If you think your heart can take it, here's a video of Frye's recent bout against Ruben Villareal.

- Apparently the Diaz brothers don't care for small talk. Donald Cerrone found that out first-hand. 

- It may be surprising to hear, but UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem believes drug testing should be more prevelant in MMA than it already is: "Do I think testing should be [done] more [frequently]? Yes, I do think it should be done more, but I think it should be applied to all athletes and not just a randomly select few."

- Gray Maynard was thrilled to catch some z's at an Atlanta airport.

Atlanta airport. Thank you for NOT putting arm rests between every seat so I cant lay down. Other airports take note
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- Bellator Fighting Championships made waves on Wednesday, signing top-ten bantamweight Masakatsu Ueda to a multi-fight deal.

- UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre is one step closer towards returning to action after having his declared a "huge success".

- Apparently having the most incredible year in recent MMA history isn't enough to push you ahead of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in SportsNation's Awesomest Dude Of The Year Vote. So Jon Jones resorted to doing what anybody would have done in his situation. Kicking iPads.

- Top-five heavyweight Fabricio Werdum officially has a date and opponent for his return to the UFC. 

- Fuel TV released their complete UFC schedule for January, including five show premieres and a 24-hour marathon that kicks off in 2012.

- We'll leave you with this in-depth look at the formation of the UFC.