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Donald Cerrone's Unpleasant Encounter With Nate Diaz

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The Diaz brothers have never been ones for discretion.

So it shouldn't be surprising that Donald Cerrone has some extra motivation for his upcoming UFC 141 fight with Nate Diaz, after a previously encounter with the younger Stocktonian got a little chippy.

The story goes like this. Both men are at the UFC 137 open workouts -- Cerrone for his fight with Dennis Siver, Diaz for his brother's fight with B.J. Penn.

Apparently, Cerrone walks up to Nate to introduce himself, but the friendly gesture doesn't go over as well as he expected. This UFC 141 preview explains:

DC: Really the only personal interaction I've had with Nate is at the open workouts prior to this fight. I walk over to be like ‘hey man, what's going on,' shake his hand.

ND: Yeah, he shouldn't have done that. He's in my bracket. We're going to fight each other.

DC: He slaps my hand away. Calls me a punk-ass. Walks off.

ND: You go your way and I'll go mine.

DC: You talk s*** to me, you're just going to enrage me, and piss me off. So feed my f***ing flame. That's how I see it. Let's go.